The year is 3025... the people of earth have long since depleted all of the resources on the surface of the planet and now they've burrowed through the crust to find a new bastion. Things changed as the people became accustomed to life underground; some dreamed of the old days of sunsets, beaches and lush habitable environments. Others were just happy to still have some sense of security in times of turmoil. One was certain to all: Life would be harder than before. One day, in the dry season, two service workers were on a routine assignment to retrieve water from the springs. They lowered the container into the springs and were surprised to find "crystals" within the vat. These crystals weren't your average kind; upon further analysis by the scientific branch of society yielded the fact that these crystals could be a clean, reusable source of energy. Two days later drone reports revealed heat signatures surrounding the planet and on the surface as well. An invasion of earth had begun! The ancient xeno guard, or AXG as dubbed by the people of earth, released their army upon us in a matter of days... we only had hours to retaliate. Scientists, engineers and every able body was put to work on project: last stand... We created a spaceship... with the last of the prototype energy cores we launched an A.I. controlled fighter at the heart of the AXG armada... we hoped for the best... Godspeed salvation.

AXG is a love letter to the arcade classics I love playing as a kid: Pong, Breakout and Arkanoid. It is the first game I completed in my indie game developer journey, and I hope to have the other titles I made on asap. This is version it should be a bug-free build. ^^ Enjoy!!!

Initial release date: 5/8/2016


left arrow key = slide to left

right arrow key = slide to right

0 key = fire projectile

1 key = fire projectile (during power-up transformation)

Updated 24 days ago
AuthorTANTRUM games
Made withConstruct, Adobe Illustrator
Tags2D, Arcade, Breakout, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes

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