Phase Cypher is a puzzle/maze game set inside a computer program. In a distant future, corporations are in total control of civil societies using techniques not conducive to sustaining the longevity of the people or the planet they inhabit. The world is now 98% unsuitable for supporting future inhabitants due to the countless years of mining for natural resources. The wealthy elitists stay high above the clouds in the floating city ATLAS… those who are middle of the bunch occupy the HAVEN, a massive metropolis connected to the matrix and home to any and all fetishes and desires. Those who are outlawed or banished remain in the WILD, a desolate wasteland filled with defectors, slum lords and the disenfranchised cellar dwellers. You play as John Doe, a Data Hound hacker who is trying to lay low these days, when an old companion gives him a ping on direct mail. The game play involves guiding data through a maze in order to reach an exit somewhere within the stage. You will have to dodge viruses as you try to reach each goal, while keeping your avatar safe from harm. This game began as a prototype inspired by the hacking mechanic in the game Dex (available on Steam) and took just about a month to fully complete. The story was inspired by the Cyberpunk genre, with nodes to Philip K. Dick’s literary works, Neuomancer, Shadowrun, the Matrix and, of course, the Dex game.

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Tools used:


Acid pro

Reason 6

Construct 2

Gameplay Controls:

Analog left or D-pad up or W or Up arrow key: move up

Analog left or D-pad left or A or Left arrow key: move left

Analog left or D-pad down or S or Down arrow key: move down

Analog left or D-pad right or D or Right arrow key: move right

Space Bar or A button: send data at 360 degree angle

Start button or Return/Enter key: restart stage

Q key or B button: phase data (for passing through malware or firewalls)

E or R key or X or Y button: alter angle of data

***Best UX in Google Chrome… Firefox works as well***

Updated 24 days ago
Release date 25 days ago
AuthorTANTRUM games
Made withConstruct
Tagscomputer-game, Construct 2, Cyberpunk, demo, gamepad, matrix, maze, meta, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


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Very good idea! but I hate to press Q. First of all, this key position is very uncomfortable. The little finger is generally the least sensitive of the five fingers. Secondly, Q's key delay is too long and it affects the judgment. Finally I gave up at level 6. : )

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I appreciate you playing the game and giving me some honest feedback. ^ ^ The game's keyboard control layout has been an issue for a lot of the jam and cold players. It's been added to the list of things to update in the next build. Again, thank you for playing!

Cool game. I like a lot the mechanics. Gratz men.

Thank you!

Wow a big improvement! Works with my gamepad too!

Thanks for playing Nin! ^ ^

Excellent. My fav toxic green/black mix. Well if you need an audio guy for a jam then check out my portfolio

Thank you! I'll definitely check out your profile listen to your music asap. It feels great being a member of the indie dev community!