Pumpkin Quest is a retro, 2-D pixel platformer with hybrid RPG and Metroidvania elements added in. Guide Broc on his quest to find five mythical pumpkins and some spices needed for a pie recipe! Meet town folk, pet dogs and jump over platforms! Ward off evil spirits, find loot and fight killer turkeys in this epic adventure from the maker of AXG and Up n’ Atom! This app is a demonstration. Most of the music and sounds are place holders. I will list the artist(s) and track title(s) of each song I used. The full game will be available on October 31, 20XX!!!

Tracks used in demo:







Keyboard Controls:

W key: interact

A key: move towards the left

D key: move towards the right

S key: change costumes

P key: fires projectiles

Enter key: pause game

Space bar: jump

During shop/kiosk activation: (keyboard)

Up arrow key: move cursor up

Down arrow key: move cursor down

S key: exit shop interface

Space bar: confirm item purchase

Gamepad Controls:

Y button: interact

Left analog stick: move either left or right

B button: change costumes

X button: fires projectiles

Start button: pause game

A button: jump

During shop/kiosk activation: (gamepad)

D-pad up: move cursor up

D-pad down: move cursor down

B button: exit shop interface

A button: confirm item purchase

***Gamplay controls for Dungeon mode***

D-pad/WASD/Arrow keys: controls menu cursor

A button/Space bar: confirm

B button/Return(Enter)key: cancel

Development log


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Fun game! Also cool music


Hey NinNeko did you draw or made The 2D Nintendo Charaters from your Claw Machine Game

noice watch out for ice